Mass Communication Course Analysis

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At the start of this spring semester, I was not sure what to from the course. This communications class is unlike any class I have ever been enrolled in before. Since the start of the semester, I have become so much more aware of mass communication and the way that we communicate during this age. I know that by the time I complete this course, I will have a better understanding and be more aware of the media and issues going on around me. The media producers have a way of tricking society into believing things that they want them to. This course has brought to my attention the issues and taught me how to identify them. The most important things that have stood out in my mind so far are convergence, print media, and the importance of radio.…show more content…
First, technological convergence deals with online communication networks and the usage of laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. Secondly, economic convergence merges the internet and telecommunication companies with traditional media companies. Lastly, cultural convergence covers the globalization of media content. For example, when an American TV show is popular in other countries. The idea of convergence shows how the digital environment of computing, telecommunications, and media come…show more content…
So far, this course has opened my eyes to the significance of being educated about the history of media and how it is evolving. Not only that, but, how producers try to persuade us in to thinking about certain things. It is so much more beneficial to my own being to be educated and aware of what the media sources are providing for my entertainment. Thank you to my professor, Dr. Butler Cain, for helping me come to a realization of how important convergence, print media, and radio are to our media-centered
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