Mass Communication Theory

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Mass society theory is an idea that media has strong influence towards people, it plays a role of shaping people’s mind and perception of the social world and it is also to manipulate people’s action with delicate, subtle and effective ways (Baran and Davis 2006, p.43). Mass society theory has first introduced in the nineteenth century when there are disruptive consequences caused by modernization (Baran and Davis 2006, p.52). At that time, mass media considered as a cause of social problems (Baran and Davis 2006, p.52). That was the yellow journalism era for mass newspapers (Baran and Davis 2006, p.52). For instance, newspapers irresponsibly give out information, probably some sensational information which directly
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In the case of blogging, when the image of the king and Islam is being damaged, some social problems might occur, for instance, when the king loses his credibility, the internal security might be affected, when the general public do not support the king, they will lose confident to the country. If there is somebody who in tend to break down the existing government, this will be a stepping stone for him/her. In the other hand, if bloggers still keep on publishing negative information about Islam, it might also cause social problems. When those unidentified information come to the eye of the general public who have no idea or who do not have detailed knowledge about Islam, they might start to discriminate Islam, discrimination is a very serious offence among races, in a multiracial country like Malaysia, if people from different races do not have mutual understanding, it is very difficult for them to live in the same community, people will start criticizing people from other races, they might start fighting with each other, all these can break down the harmony of a country.
Smoking is hazardous to health, doctors, nurses and others in the health industry are plays an important role to help smokers to quit themselves from this bad habit (New Straits Times 2007, p.11). Even though the government is very aggressive in approaching the “Tak Nak” campaign, but yet Malaysians still maintain
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