Mass Extinction And Its Effects On The World Essay

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Earth is currently going thru its sixth mass extinction. This past decade earth has been going thru the worst loss of species since the dinosaurs age millions and millions of years ago. Scientists say this is like nothing earth has experienced before. Past mass extinctions have occurred because of natural causes but this mass extinction, humans are to blame.

Many people believe that The Earth 's sixth mass extinction is already underway. They also believe that climate change or volcano eruptions is to blame for this problem, which is true but many people don 't know that is Hunting or better known as poaching is a huge part of Mass Extinction. Hunters or better known as “Sportsmen” usually think of it as a reward or a privilege to shoot animals. Its more popular than ever to hunt rare animals. Shooting rare animals is looked at as a sport, most Sportsmen don 't understand what they 're doing to our wildlife population. At the end of the Nineteenth century, also known as the worst times for the wildlife species in North America. Hunting has led to the Extinction of The great Auk, The Passenger Pigeon, and near-total extinction Bison, trumpeter swans.

The Sportsmen would poison the animals with something called Incidental poisoning something that is still going on until this day; Incidental Poisoning is aimed to kill egg-laying species; their species also suffered from a widespread use of DDT during the mid-20th Century. It was finally banished in
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