Mass Extinction And Its Impact On The World

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200,000 years ago, the most adaptable animal that has ever lived comes onto the world, and it possessed a very large brain. Homo-sapiens or more commonly referred to as modern humans, survived by using these powerful brains to learn and prosper in its environment. No other species has had such a huge impact on the world compared to that of humans. Being able to manipulate the environment to better suit their needs, but for every action there is an opposite and sometimes an even greater consequence. Many signs point to a great extinction occurring at this moment and it has correlation with the beginning of the Homo-sapiens’ expansion, more increasingly with the rise of the Industrial Era. Human hands have managed to touch every species on earth in one shape or another, and there is nowhere for them to escape to. This great extinction, though not to the magnitude of the five previous mass extinctions has the potential to rival them. The sixth mass extinction has its origin starting back to roughly 100,000 years known as the Holocene Event (Lawrence, 2011). This is also around the time that humans began to expand out of Africa, and into the Asian and European continents. Leaving there foot prints on the land and the negative effects on the animals they encountered. Lawrence also states that the climate fluctuated during this period of time but it had no corresponding extinctions with the fluctuations (2011). So, humans had to have an impact with the extinction of the larger
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