Mass In Dvo Mortal's Only Mass?

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Mass in D is a unique piece in that it is Dvořák’s only mass. Today, the work is seldom performed outside of Europe, and there are not many resources to consult that might shed light on this piece. The previous chapters provide in-depth analysis of the composition, some useful background for scholars and musicians, and a deeper investigation of the piece in its historical and aesthetic context.
Furthermore, the study summarizes the historical development of the Mass over the years 1887 to 1893, and the eleven published organ and orchestra versions over the last 109 years. This document also serves as a guide for conductors preparing to study or perform the repertoire, including useful references and background, and may help with selecting the appropriate version of the Mass based on choir formation and performance venue.
Finally, practical technical instructions and recommendations for coaching amateur choirs in performing the piece have been provided as a guideline for overcoming challenges in conducting these choirs.
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He is one of the most frequently-performed composers worldwide and the first to establish the concept of ‘Czech music’ in broad global associations. Following his popularity, today there is an increasing interest among musicians and music lovers who are interested in his less often-performed works. Mass in D is the only mass in Dvořák’s compositional output and is a piece that has great importance to Dvořák himself. This study provides a comprehensive study on the Mass for the benefit of scholars, musicians and conductors interested in exploring this hidden
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