Mass Incarceration On Trial By Jonathan Simon Essay

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In the book Mass Incarceration on trial, we learn about the difficulties that the country faces now with the huge amount of prisoners the United States have today. Jonathan Simon discusses several decisions including Brown v. Plata, a case that explains that California abuses the cap of the prisoner it holds and how it was ruled unconstitutional, and Madrid v. Gomez, where they find the 8th amendment being violated in the prison system. Our prison system has been a disaster throughout the last several years and our human rights have been violated for many years as well. Simon explains throughout the book that instead of putting people in jail and making more prisons we should look at ways to keep people out of jail, which could save taxpayers plenty of money over time. Our country carries the most incarcerated individuals, more people than even China whose population is three times ours. The United States has been building more prisons than even schools for various years and every time they build a prison it seems to be over crowd within a few year this book also talks about how we should approach in different methods and the way we treat our inmates in our country. Inmates are also exposed to various disease and with very little options for treatment, this disease can sometimes be passed through drugs or tattoos which are very common in prisons. Prisoners have rights and they are not being treated like humans Simons defends their rights and studies the pros and cons very in
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