Mass Medi The Spread Of Digital Media Communication

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Is the mass media likely to survive the spread of digital media communication? The purpose of this essay is to explore if mass media is likely to survive the spread of digital media communication. Firstly, this essay discusses the definition of mass media, as well as when and where it originated in order to gain a better background understanding. It then goes on to discuss the growing popularity of digital media and how mass media communication still prevails despite the new digital media. In the conclusion it considers convergence and hybridity and other solutions that traditional mass media can take into account in order to persist throughout the digital media era. Mass media is definitive as any means of communication that has the…show more content…
New media is evolving rapidly with digital media having exploded in less than a decade continuing to develop steadily. Showing continual growth in the market, digital media is here to stay for a very long time. Digital technologies have fundamentally have altered and reinvented the way we communicate; we now have access to information about virtually anything instantaneously. Not only is digital media instant the internet was also designed to be decentralized so that control is distributed to all users, where anyone on the internet can be an author, helping shape a homogeneous society. Because of this the digital space is seen as the perfect place for participatory democracy and debates, creating an equal relationship between the sender and receiver (Maier, 2010). The internet is a dominant player, and technology can be used to deliver more content at a faster pace, e.g. article in a newspaper only featuring 2 photos while a web-based version of the same story can contain multiple as well as videos (Kaul, 2012). The internet has come a long way since it was first invented, the World Wide Web was created in 1991. Initially created by Tim Berners-Lee, it was a way for physicists to share information around the world without using all the same types of hardware and software (Bryant, 2001). It quickly developed into a global platform; a system of interconnected computer networks. The internet is now primarily used for quick access to information,

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