Mass Medi Weaknesses And Strengths Of The World

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As informed by the additional resources, mass media has its own strengths and weaknesses. Based on its pros and cons, the future of mass media will not just remain the same as the current situation any more.

Firstly, the future of printed mass media which were the magazines, books, and newspaper has being determined now in the early decades of the 21st century. The new digital technologies, mainly the constant development and influences of the Internet are stimulating the publishers to expand new business design that can turn out well and even grow in the Digital Age.

Secondly, different delivery medium are changing the television industry in a fundamental ways. Digital video recorders (DVRs), Internet television, satellite video-on-demand(VOD)
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"In the developing countries, these fears are deeply rooted in their colonial experience, when their colonial masters imposed their language and culture on them. Developing nations consider the import of US films to be a new kind of invasion-cultural cannot ignore the fact that rich countries such as Canada and France share the concerns of developing countries about U.S. cultural dominance. Their stance on 'electronic imperialism' gives the concerns of the developing nations some credence and suggests that those concerns do not stem purely from paranoia." (Sawhney, 2007 p.43) Modern Mass Communications also drives the global economy, and allows us to enjoy the lifestyles (In the first world at least) that we are accustomed to. (Sawhney, 2007) Although this can be explain as the globalizing effects of mass communication, where the cultural values of people are relatively the same, however, it is difficult to change as these values are learnt across a person’s life. For example, Japanese are naturally disciplined and hardworking people. The evidence of inherit values in them can be seen across their country’s history. Which is why, they still remain faithful with their values even though they are mostly globalized nowadays. As a result, they are still able to preserve its tradition and cultural values until

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