Mass Media And Its Effects On Children

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Mass media is part of the average persons everyday life, from morning to night; modern society absorbs and consumes it constantly. Adults are aware of it and see the media, as advertisements on television, the latest blockbuster at the theaters or the trendy new clothing. Children are not free from it either; they to are exposed to the medias imagery and ideals maybe more than adults are. Parents may not pay close attention to the media their children are exposed to; adults may think they are just harmless children’s toys or games. From the time they wake up and they pour themselves a bowl of brand name cereal, to the time they are put in bed with their stuff animal or toy, they are in the presence of some sort of media and its imagery.…show more content…
Parents might think that the idea of their 5-year-old girl dieting as too farfetched, but that same thin ideal is already being pushed on them. In fact, children who watch hours of television a day are exposed to dieting, and may see it as a part of growing up. “Heavier-viewing children may glamorize dieting and view it as a way of ‘playing grown-up’ before they begin to diet with the intention of meeting an internalized body ideal.” (Harrison et al) Children are very receptive to these images, they may see dieting as just a grown up thing now, but later on may see it as a necessary part of growing up. If children can catch on to things like that, then they can certainty catch on to things like the thin ideal. An experiment was done where preschool aged girls were given a choice between playing with three different game pieces, a fat one, a normal one, and a thin game piece; this was what the researchers discovered. “Preschool girls between the ages of 3 and 5 attribute more negative adjectives to fat targets and more positive adjectives to thin targets. In addition, preschool girls were less likely to select a fat target as their playmate or best friend and more likely to select a thin target as
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