Mass Media And Its Effects On Society

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Final Essay While there have been ideas and mass media in which we have access to, there is small changes in which The United States as a whole has been affected. There have been many discussions on how social media has played a part on American culture as we are becoming more reliant on computers and technology as well as we have in communicating. Social media and mass media has an affect modern society as technology has grown, so will its effects on people. Mass media and social media are, one social media is where anyone can exchange information to their friends and family; and with regard to Twitter, their followers. While these social media, mass media is where anyone can find information about anything they want; these include Facebook, YouTube, and Blogs. There are other ways that mass media can get in the hands of people and that is in the form of TV, books, and newspapers. Mass media can be used by advertising in a way so they can sell to those, whom they might not be able to, if it was not for the internet. Firstly, the question of how does social media on the Internet affect American culture, this can be answered in a few ways, such as the young kids in our country as well as grownups have started to use short cuts when typing. Many people would want to type, “CU there”, instead of typing out in proper English “See you there”. This has led many people to become more frustrated, when they are asked a question, that needs to be a long answer. This also has
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