Mass Media And Its Impact On Society

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Option two Mass media has evolved tremendously in the last century and even the last few years it has changed. Each type of mass media however functions differently in society. For example, one mass media platform is newspapers. Newspapers were the first mass news media, beginning in 1692 till 1920. When newspapers first started out, the government controlled the content that newspapers produced. This impacted significantly how this society shaped itself, and also what people thought. That quickly dissolved when newer technology evolved. In the 19th century larger audiences were able to be reached, helping people become more informed. By the 20th Century newspapers were the only source for politics culture and social issues. During this time was also when yellow journalism developed. Which created a new form of dramatized and at times untrue news that people believed in or simply bought into. Although, in 1950s television was introduced which contributed to the declining of newspaper and how society receive news. Nowadays most large corporations own newspapers but they are still losing readers showing how greatly the impact of other forms of mass media are. Another platform of mass media that has impacted society, is Television. Certain groups were afraid that television would influence the nations values. To put things into perspective there are about 1,600 television stations that operate in the United States alone. Television took over radio, however the first
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