Mass Media And Its Impact On Society

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In today’s world society believes that mass media plays a key role in shaping and communicating our culture. Mass Media is defined as a technological advancement of communication. People receive information about the world through mass media and it helps shape people’s beliefs, values, perception, and behavior. Mass media is a controversial topic among sociologists, many of them have differentiating opinions of how mass media is influencing people daily lives today. Through this research analysis we will explore the idea of mass media and the impact of functionalism theory, conflict theory, and interactionism theory on mass media. The influence it has on individuals’ view, society’s view, and approach to social changes in society.
The functionalist view mass media as part of shaping society and how it plays a role of providing interpersonal and intrapersonal communication for individuals in society (Ferris, 2014, pg. 22). The arrival of mass media brought many advancements in communication today, where connecting with someone or getting the latest news will just be a click away. The problem is that mass media is govern by a few set of people at the top of the conglomerate. This displays that these people have the dominant control of influencing the majority of society to their benefit. Therefore, information and news in mass media are sometimes sway to a specific side. With these changes many start questioning the role mass media plays in society and if it is helping or…
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