Essay on Mass Media Development and Lieracy Assignment Options

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Mass Media: Development and Literacy Assignment Options Brittnee Green University Of Phoenix HUM/186 Mass Media: Development and Literacy Assignment Options In today’s society mass media has such an influence whether it is positive or negative. It plays an important role in our everyday lives. Mass media affects everyone in the world. The purpose of mass media is everything tied into the advancement of technology and most often education, news, internet, television, magazines, and so much more. “Culture is made up of both the products that a society fashions and, perhaps more important, the processes that forge those products and reflect a culture’s diverse values.” (Campbell, R., Martin, C., & Fabos, B.) (pg. 6). In this…show more content…
Magazines and newspapers was a way for an individual or individuals too read about what was going on in their town, state, or country, and this allowed information to be given to help people become aware of what was happening. Now, let us take a look at television and radio of the last century it has really evolved and brought different changes. Television gave a viewer the visual aspect of what was going on in the world first hand. People were then able to sit down where ever they were and see every aspect of what was lying ahead. Radio’s was a big asset also because during the time when communication was growing you were able to listen to the words that was being expressed and delivered. Having all of these developments come together has influenced the American cultures to where everything has evolved. During the 20th century before everything else became popular it was normal for people to receive their news or via newspaper that would give the people information that was needed along with television and radio. Now in the today’s world people are given so many options to the media to get information. We have the options of internet, social media, and television. Individuals have become more independent to make their own decision on how they see things whether it’s true or false. American culture has changed traumatically and just does not affect one thing, but the entire world. You are able to

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