Mass Media Effects on People

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DEVC 202 TMA No. 2

Maria Victoria Cruz 4 August 2011


Maria Victoria Cruz Table of Contents

Introduction & Background


Survey Parameters


Survey Findings • • • • Most Influential Form of Media Top Mass Media in the Philippines (Positive and Negative Effects) Top Mass Media in Singapore (Positive and Negative Effects) Rate of Mass Media Effect


Survey Information


Survey Questionnaire (Appendix I)





Maria Victoria Cruz Mass Media Effects on People

Introduction We have now entered the information age, where mass media Influence has grown exponentially. It started with the printed page more than 500 years ago; after that, media have evolved in delivering more information and entertainment. We
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The following are the positive and negative effects of television as identified by the survey respondents from the Philippines: Positive Effects: • Entertaining and Educational People are more exposed to a broad range of ideas, knowledge, facts and other information from all kinds of people all over the world because of the wide range of programs available. For example, more people are becoming


Maria Victoria Cruz more aware of environmental issues such as global warming because of TV programs that are shown which discuss these issues in fair amount of detail. It helps promote social growth and critical thinking. There is great potential for spurring learning and development.

Profitable The television industry at present is highly commercialized. It has become a great source of income or profit, power and prestige for a lot of people. The Walt Disney Company, for example, has evolved into a huge global entertainment company not restricted simply to media but also having its own studios and theme parks.

Promotes Public Awareness The television’s wide reach means that many people see this form of media as an effective vehicle in providing the public current news and events, both domestic and international. Quick dissemination of information especially concerning public safety. Examples are: earthquakes, tsunamis, disease outbreak, etc. With Japan’s recent earthquake, Japanese television channels, mobile phone networks and
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