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Mass Media The media, which is somewhat reflective of society, has become a powerful tool in shaping our culture. Advertisements are the foundation for mass media; they sell images, values, success, normalcy, and romance. Daily, we are exposed to advertisements whether they are written or commercial. Jean Kilbourne says in her 1979 video Killing Us Softly, "advertisement is part of our air pollution" (1979). Advertisements have social consequences that give them the ability to reinforce objectification of women?s bodies, and display images that may cause male violence against women, sexualize young girls, infantile grown women. According to Gabriel Weimann author of Communicating Unreality, in advertising…show more content…
and are not effected by their powerful influence (Lazarus 1987). How can you not be affected by advertisements, when the average person will spend three years of their life watching just commercials and that does not include the printed ads in newspapers, magazines, or billboards. Advertising has made a huge financial jump, in 1979 it was a 20 billion dollar industry and by 1999 the advertising industry had risen to a 180 billion dollar industry (Jhally 2000). The advertising schema may be quite similar but now it is costing a lot more. Companies are also going a step further to make their point sell their product and to get the attention of the advertising public. The same ideas and approaches have been used for years, but someone always takes it a step further and as a society we continue to take a step back accepting more and more. The advertisers that do present controversial ads end up winning in the long run, they are the ones getting the extra publicity. According to Jean Kilbourne author of Can?t Buy My Love, Calvin Klein has used the free publicity to his advantage. He has utilized controversial advertisements exploiting young children; some felt he crossed the line into child pornography (Kilbourne 284). The protesting and media coverage only helped his daring, rebel like image. Over the years new eye opening advertisements have been presented

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