Mass Media Has A Strong Effect On Adolescent Female Adolescents

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In our society, mass media is something we are all a part of in our daily lives. When we wake up in the morning until we go to bed at night, we are a part of mass media. From the minute, we sit down at the computer, or if we decide to turn on the television or flip through a magazine. Mass media is in the magazines we read and there are advertisements everywhere we look. This is who we are in this culture today but within this mass amount of information streaming around us, there also seems to be the common theme of the “perfect body." Yes, sex sells as many seem to think but what is this portrayal really doing to those who are younger and growing up is this culture of ours. This literature review considers whether the use of mass media has a strong effect on adolescent female teenagers leading to anorexia nervosa by responding to the following question:
Understanding how consumption of media is affecting our youth who may lead to reasons of anorexia nervosa in our society.
The Relationship Between Media Consumption and Eating Disorders
There have been many different studies that have found that exposure to the skinny ideal or ‘perfect body’ in the media plays a role in creating distorted body perceptions, dieting, and eating disorder symptoms, which can lead to anorexia nervosa in vulnerable women and young girls. One of these studies examined factors related to reduced eating problems in teenage girls who included such things as increasing thin ideal internalization,

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