Mass Media In The 1920s

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Mass media during the 1920s united the nation and created an economic boom in new areas of entertainment and leisure. As technology advanced, new forms of communication and entertainment began to rise. A variety of new entertainment like radio, magazines, and movies with sound became common and popular. Over 700 films were produced each year, over 100 million radios were in use, and LIFE magazine had over 250,000 readers in the year 1920 alone. The demand of new forms of media began to increase due to the thirst to live vicariously through the personas they see and hear all around them. Mass media in the 1920s united the country, controlled individual consumption, and propelled American consumerism. A common culture was created when movies began to use sound, magazines began to relate to the everyday person, and radio began to expand and cater to the listeners needs. Movies based out of Hollywood…show more content…
Magazines soon became vital to advertising, companies began to buy pages in magazines to advertise new products, new movies, and new everything. Many of the other pages were filled with poems written by returning war veterans and images representing life during the 1920s. Vogue and other fashion magazines modeled the new “Flapper” image. Flappers were young girls, who during the 1920s, began to break the rules and transform the way the nation viewed women. Kelly Sagert explained in her book “Flappers: A Guide to an American Subculture (2010),” “Tabloids, sectioned off parts of magazines, had huge articles and images commenting on the popularity of the flapper image, inspiring readers to either follow in the image or accept it within society” (Kelly 37). While the fashion magazines had the flappers to focus on, other magazines like Time and LIFE focused more on current events and politics. They would also feature a successful celebrity every now and
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