Mass Media Influence on Youth

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Mass Media Influence on Youth
We are all active consumers of different kinds of information, the flow of which is continuously growing. Abundance of TV channels, websites on the Internet, a huge amount of video and audio production, newspapers and magazines – all these information has become an integral part of our lives. Every morning we watch TV, read newspapers, on the workplace during lunch we are sharing the latest news in sport, fashion; talking about movies we saw with our colleagues. After work we again plunge into the world of mass media – TV, computer, radio. Can we imagine a specific time period, let`s say one week, during of which we will not be able to use any kind of mass media – no TV, no newspapers, no computers, no
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As we saw, unfortunately, young gamers prefer games that contain a virtual violence. Remember – children repeat everything what they see? Hence, we may conclude that virtual representation of violence has a big influence on children`s behaviour – by making them more aggressive, and more interested in those kind of things. In order to see the amount of violence on TV, I did a small research. I went to website of one of the most popular channels in Russia and streamed one day TV schedule. As was found, the schedule is full of programs, the content of which is very violent; news and detective shows, and criminal columns are translating robberies, murders, and all kind of acts of violence. In average, during one hour of on-air broadcasting there are four scenes of violence, which i.e. every 15 minutes our children are becoming witnesses of. Young people see about 10 thousands scenes of violence during one year. Hence, by the time they finish school, they are becoming witnesses and sometimes “participants” of about 100 thousands TV and computer “crimes”.
Little by little images of violence are becoming not so shocking, and are perceived like a spectacle. Children are getting used to it and taking it in their stride. According to statistics, more than 30% of crimes by minors are committed because of being influenced by TV. Moreover, 45% of young people who spend in
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