Mass Media Influences On American Culture

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Tela Cole
Mass Media Influences on American Culture
HUM/186 Week 1 Assignment – Option A
University of Phoenix

Mass Media Influences on American Culture
Mass media has experienced many major developments over the past hundred years. As the manner in which media is communicated to the world evolves a definite shift to American culture has occurred in the process. Mass media has undergone numerous changes in the way it is distributed to the general public, going from newspapers, to radio, to television, and now to the World Wide Web. American culture is so ingrained in technology, that distributing mass media in this format seems like a natural step in the evolutionary process of distribution.
During the mid-1900's, daily newspapers and magazines were important sources of information. In the 1940's, the radio supplied another source of media and broadcast to the masses. Individuals spent their evenings tuned into radio stations to listen to accounts of the ongoing war. During this era, daily newspapers were still accessible and still utilized by most people. In the 1950s, television was invented and subsequently became a primary media communications tool. The information broadcast through television was a combination of information from the radio and the daily newspaper. In 1962, satellites offered access to world news. From that point to now, Americans have expanded mass communication to include smart phones and the Internet, as new technology
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