Mass Media, Legislation And Education Play Critical Roles Essay

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Shahar Platt
Group B
Professor Rajan
Paper #3
Mass media, legislation and education play critical roles in times of conflict, deculturalization, and state-sponsored mass violence against civilians. During the Rwandan Genocide of 1994, members of Hutu power founded the radio station, RTLM, which encouraged violence against the rival Tutsi minority and had a significant impact on participation in killings by both militia groups and ordinary civilians. By spreading propaganda via broadcasts, music, news reports and comedy routines, the station increased militia violence not only by influencing behavior in villages with radio reception, but also increasing participation in neighboring villages. Thus, it is evident that mass media can affect participation in violence directly due to exposure, and indirectly due to social interactions. Similarly, when the English invaded North America, they deculturalized and spread violence against Native Americans through legislation and education. In North America, the clash of languages and cultures brought about cultural bigotry and racism. The English classified all Native Americans as “domestic foreigners,” “pagans,” and “savages.” Due to this, it was easy for the English to turn cultural differences into racial ones and for English settlers to consider Native Americans as inferior. Consequently, schools were created to diminish Native American culture and replace them with Anglo-American tradition. Indian removal acts also paved the…
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