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Mass Media Have you ever had an original thought? Why do we dress the way we do, watch what we watch or even live the way we do. Through our means of entertainment, it is almost a guide in how one should live their life. With the technology we have in our world we are persuaded to believe what is right and what is wrong. Although we create our own world, our thoughts were imposed upon us since the day we are born. “What if the world is some kind of show. What if we are only talents assembled by the Great Talent Scout Up Above! The Great Show of Life! Starring Everybody! Suppose entertainment is the Purpose of Life,” says Gabler. We wake up in the morning where most of us have a daily routine we go through. Why do we put on …show more content…
Women in magazines are usually tall, extremely thin, and their faces are covered in makeup. Women can easily develop insecurities in the way they look and feel about themselves because of magazines. Women choose to read certain magazines according to their interests. However, their interests are usually congruent with those of the majority of women or they wouldn’t be reading that particular magazine and those magazines wouldn’t stay in business. On the flip side of the sex factor, influences from magazines such as “For Him” magazine and “Maxim” weigh heavily on many men’s self security. These magazines teach men not only how they should look but also how they should view things. An example of this is a macho, semi sexist, tough guy, bull headed, over confident attitude. These magazines define for men the writer’s essence of a real man. Men as a whole atone themselves to such lifestyles probably out of fear of not living by these structures. Although magazines have a strong influence on the masses they are by no means the most influential medium there is.

This brings me to television programming and how it impacts out lives. Television is hands down the most influential form of media we have. Hundreds of millions of people sit down each day to plug themselves into their favorite sitcom or program. Television shows help us not only structure our appearance but also shape our morals and

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