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The mass media, since being invented, have experienced many improvements, undergone numerous in variety from television, radio, newspaper to the internet. People watch televisions every day, read newspapers every hour, therefore, it goes without saying that mass media has the capability to affect their mind. The mass media, including TV, radio, newspaper play a very important role in our modern life. They have changed our life very much. It is not disgusting to say that they have a great influence in shaping people’s ideas, both for the better and the worse. The mass media affects people’s fashion. Simply take a glance at the way you dress right now, it was probably something
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We live in society that depends on information and communication to keep moving in the right direction and do our daily activities like work, entertainment, attitudes, healthcare, education, personal relationships, travelling and anything else that we have to perform. Media is the means of support to the people in the world which shapes their attitude, opinion, and makes them to think before they start doing a particular work. The most beautiful is it helps the people to know about different religious, places, important things to do about the past and the future. Media is well and good enough as long as its valuable and influential information on society. The usage of media would depend upon each individual to carry out the maximum of what is good and moral to be performed out in the society.

Influence on children: Initially, I want to speak about how media can give a big role to the children’s life. Many children watch between two and four hours of television per day. The presence of role models, how men and women, boys and girls are presented in the media, powerfully affects boys and girls their role in the world. In this case, media such as television has a bad effect to the children. Some people complain that children nowadays tend to be lazier and more violent. This is simply the result of bad programmes shown on T.V all time, incontrollable websites and even the carelessness of parents. To be
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