Mass Media Such As Television, Newspapers, And Internet

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Mass media such as television, newspapers, and internet are the center of the public 's communication and entertainment. Society relies heavily on mass media for their news, education, entertainment, and their socialization. It can inspire, persuade, and change the behavior of the audience depending on the objective. The public is often misinformed and uninformed by media outlets to control the information that reaches the public. As technology continues to grow, access to mass media continues to grow as well. Society has 24/7 access to news at all time whether it be on television, computer, cell phone and so on. The constant access also means the public has devices readily available to shine a light on things happening around them that…show more content…
With the media’s ability to control the news, they play a significant role in politics. Citizens rely on mass media to keep them informed on political issues so that they can form an opinion about current events and vote accordingly in polls. Unfortunately, according to Graber and Dunaway (2015), "Like caricatures, media stories often create skewed impressions because they cannot report most stories in detail or full context." The lack of truth and details gives citizens the wrong idea of what is happening and a false impression of people represented in the stories. Therefore, the citizens remain uneducated and uninformed in regards to political issues and politicians, so they are unable to make the decisions needed to better the economy and the future. During the 2016 Presidential campaign between nominees, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, there was a tremendous amount of news stories spreading around the country. These stories had no evidence or facts to support their claims. Both candidates were depicted in situations that were untrue. Many false news sites published articles giving the public the impression that Hillary Clinton was heading to prison following an e-mail investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Many fake news stories were shared about Donald Trump such as a story stating that Pope Francis endorsed him. The stories continued
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