Mass Media and Obesity

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Mass Media and Obesity The media in today’s society has shown its advantages and disadvantages in order to attract a certain group of consumers. People are exposed to advertisements every day and everywhere. Ads and campaigns are seen by simply walking down the street; posted on walls, boards, and store windows. Even while driving, advertisements are on billboards in areas where there is heavy traffic. The most popular way companies are selling their products is by doing TV commercials. Most households have a TV nowadays; people use it for entertainment and know about the latest news happening around the world. Unfortunately, there are times where the media can be a detriment to our society. People can become vulnerable to things that seem…show more content…
This should be done because parents are more capable in comprehending nutritional facts. The parents should limit the TV time for children because advertisements are a bad influence. There are many types of advertisements. Advertisements appear everywhere and cannot be easily ignored. Since children watch so much television, they see so many advertisements a day. The most foods that are advertised during children’s programs are candy and snacks, sugared cereal, fast food, and sodas and soft drinks. The highest percentage is candy and snacks, which is about 34% of advertisements. That tells us that while children watch TV, they see so much food that makes them want it more. Advertisements are everywhere and that is how companies try to sell their products. “In 2009, the fast food industry alone spends $4.2 billion on advertising in all media” (Policy Statement, 202). All that money can be put to a better use, like education. Most companies care about the amount of money they could earn. “US companies spend $3.5 billion on fast food advertisements and $5.8 billion on the separate food, beverage, and confectionary category, including $785.5 million for the top five soda brands” (Henderson, 191). With that, advertisements help them accomplish that goal. They earn all that money because so many children watch TV daily, seeing the
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