Mass Media in General and Newspapers

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PART A: INTRODUCTION 1. Rationale Mass media in general and newspapers in particular nowadays play a very important role in our lives. Many people even say that living in the world without newspapers is like living in an isolated island. Newspapers help us become informed citizens and make better decision by providing a lot of facts. Hard news stories, vital statistics, weather, sports stories and scores and even calendars are examples of items that help inform readers. Some newspaper articles help interpret or explain the meaning of news to readers. Besides, newspapers provide services to readers that is providing information help readers solve business, home, recreation and daily living problems. Moreover, some items in newspapers are…show more content…
The third part (Part C) is the conclusion which presents the results of the study with suggestions for translators and for further researches. PART B: DEVELOPMENT Chapter I: Theoretical Background 1. Newspaper headlines 1.1. What is newspaper headline? Conventionally, it is believed that newspapers have more readers than any other kind of written text. According to Van Dijk (1986), "for most citizens, news is perhaps the type of written discourse with which they are confronted most frequently" (p. 156). In the newspaper it is the headline that has the highest readership. It summarizes the content of a story, and entices an audience into reading the article. According to Ungerer (2000), "a headline describes the essence of a complicated news story in a few words. It informs quickly and accurately and arouses the reader's curiosity" (p. 48). Newspaper headlines are particularly important for the way readers comprehend a news text, they are markers that monitor attention, perception and the reading process (Van Dijk, 1988). According to Danuta R. (1998), headline is a unique type of text. It has a range of functions that specifically dictate its shape, content, and structure and it operates within a range of restrictions that limited the freedom of the writer. In other words, headline should

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