Mass Media 's Influence On Body Image

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Mass Media’s Influence on Body Image Over the years a debate over who is to blame over the decline in how girls perceive themselves has arisen. With Photoshop being the societal norm concerning the media, it has become difficult for many to understand where the line between real and near impossible standards lies. Youths see an image edited to “perfection” and strive to reach the standards that they imagine due to the images displayed on magazines, television and social media. From Disney to magazines like Vogue the mass media bombards audiences with fake beauty that they, as normal people, will never be able to achieve. The mass media is responsible for causing the rise in the number of people with a poor body image, eating disorders, and cosmetic surgeries.
From very early childhood young boys and girls are showered with the idea of “thin is beautiful”. Disney has been a household name for decades, and the company’s animated movies are treasured around the world. However, every princess depicted by Disney has a slim frame; but, that is not the only problem, their already slim appearance along with the even thinner waistline and virtually no curves provide children a glimpse of the impossible standards that will be seen repeatedly into their adult lives. The company prides itself on having strong, passionate princesses to show girls that anyone can be strong. Nonetheless, Disney does nothing to assist girls feel like the princesses shown in their movies. It appears that
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