Mass Media 's Influence On Society

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Over the years mass media has become more available and favored by society through avenues such as magazines, television, newspapers, print ads, internet, and including social media. According to U.S. Census Bureau (2007), individuals spend nearly a total of 3,518 hours of their time on mass media outlets. Mass media has become widely popular among individuals, in particularly young adults.73% of U.S adults aged 18–29, have been reported regularly visit at least one of these outlet, and 42% use more than one (Duggan & Smith, 2013). Mass media has been an outlet for individuals in society to send and receive information. It has given individuals the ability to communicate and share news amongst each other. Henceforth, mass media outlets such as social media have allowed individuals within society the ability to interact with one another. In America, as people interest in media has grown so has individuals interest in their body image (Cash, 2004).Body image is extensively publicized in mass media (Cash, 2004). Researchers have questioned this phenomenon of the impact of social media on individual’s perceptual of body image. The purpose of this study is to examine mass media portrayal of body image which has influence individual beliefs and desires to be “thin” which has resulted in an unrealistic ideal societal body image.
Media portrayal the standard for beauty
Mass media has depicted slender body types as the standard for beauty (Grabe, Ward, & Hyde, 2008). Constantly in…
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