Mass Media 's Influence On The Development Of Aggressive Behavior

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Mass Media Violence The advent of mass media, and its various forms such as television, computer and video games means that people, and especially children and teenagers, are increasingly being exposed to higher doses violent and aggressive content. In many nations across the world, television showcases approximately four acts of violent behavior per hour and this is even much more elevated when it comes to video and computer games. Since majority of children spend most of their time in front of the television or playing video and computer games, these types of media play a dominant and significant role in the lives and may greatly impact on the development of aggressive behavior. Thus, despite other environmental and economic factors…show more content…
To better understand the concept of aggravated assault, it is important to first distinguish it from simple assault. Simple assault is a threat or a mere willful attempt to inflict injury to another parson. Therefore, an individual might commit simple assault without necessarily striking, touching, or harming the other person’s body. Injury or bodily harm in simple assault should not cause disability or severe physical harm. Thus, the degree of force necessary in simple assault could be anything from a slap or a shove to slightly lower that the great bodily harm that is needed to distinguish aggravated assault (Hess, Orthmann, & Cho, 2016). Therefore, based on the severity of aggravated assault, it is punished more severely than simple assault. Can you describe some of the instances that might amount to aggravated assault? Aggravated assault manifests itself in four different levels. When the act is committed with premediated and intentional malice to commit serious bodily injury, then it amounts to first degree aggravated assault. Second degree aggravated assault occurs when the act was committed without intent of premeditation while third and fourth degree aggravated assault entails attempts to cause significant rather than serious bodily harm as in the case of fist fights. However, the charges for all these types of aggravated assault are pretty high. The penalties
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