Mass Migration and Sharing Economy

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Mass migration to Europe and its positive and negative implications – Sharing economy Introduction The hotel industry has been strongly growing recently, overcame many events to make us believe that they will not stop adapting to the new environments. Practicing economics activities helps the industry to explain the change of the environment and plan the solutions in the most efficient way. In this report, I will state two of the most recent events which are the mass migration to Europe and also with the term sharing economy, together with its impacts to the hotel industry under economic perspective. Development Mass migration to Europe and its positive and negative implications Migration means the movement of people from…show more content…
If we will not be able to prevent and stop crimes, tourism will be affected since people are avoiding traveling in the area, then the hospitality will be influenced. Sharing economy and its impacts The term explanation Appeared in the early 2000s and becoming a global phenomenon recently, the term “sharing economy” (also referred as collaborative consumption) is a hybrid market model, defined as “the peer – to – peer based activity of obtaining, giving, or sharing the access to goods and services, coordinated through community-based online services” (Hamari, 2015). In a simple explication, it allows everyone to become retailers, make money from their underused assets for example renting house or car, etc. Airbnb and its impacts in hospitality The most genuine way to illustrate the “sharing economy” type of business is Airbnb (Schor, 2014). Founded in 2008; Airbnb is a website for connecting people who has underused properties for rent and people who are looking for a place for vacation rental. The Hotel News Now website (2014) also gave a compliment that Airbnb rises unstoppable with online booking net with exponential annual growth, and would “usurp the InterContinental Hotels Group and Hilton Worldwide as the world’s largest hotel chain — without owning a single hotel” (Strong, 2015). Why it received many interesting by the travelers? This was a brand new concept in 2008, the time when people would consider more when spending
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