Mass Movement Persuasive Essay

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When you picture someone who voted for Trump, do you imagine someone who voted for Obama in 2008? Probably not. But believe it or not, these people exist, and many of them supported Trump this time around because he seemed to share their outrage at being left behind by outsourcing and promised to bring back or save their existing jobs. Even though Trump has already reneged on his promise to save many of the jobs he swore he’d preserve, the working class still rightfully mistrusts the left for overlooking their concerns. Given the recent appointment of a climate change denier as chief of the Environmental Protection Agency, environmental progressives need to build a mass movement for environmental protection and justice, which means we need to earn the support of working-class people. To do this, environmentalists must pay attention to their concerns and collaborate with workers in the fossil-fuel industry on a game plan for a just transition to a greener economy.
Indeed, if we are to combat global warming, of course we need to stop the rampant use of fossil fuels. In its place, the grand vision and hope is to transition our economy from relying on fossil fuels to using renewable energy sources. (This becomes an additionally pressing issue for those who are concerned with the U.S.’s “soft power” as China vies to become the world leader in clean energy.)
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We need to build partnerships with labor. While that may sound overly ambitious or optimistic, thankfully, there is hope. It turns out that, contrary to popular framing, union workers actually favor environmental protections at higher rates than the general population. Thus, we can team up with these environmentally conscious workers for the public good. Indeed, we can use the resources, networks, and institutional frameworks of unions to support the environmental
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