Mass Murderers Should Be Punished For Killing

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Mass Murder Mass Murderers are a menace to society that should be locked up, behind bars for life. Although mass murderers are horrible human beings, they still have the right to live, same as any other human being. There are two types of mass murderer: organized and unorganized. Under both of these categories, mass murderers can be categorized even further into subtypes of organized and unorganized mass murderers. Most mass murderers share similar traits such as being primarily caucasian and male. A mass murderer’s motives are their reasons or justifications for killing. Methods of mass murder are numerous and gruesome, but the most common method is death via firearm. Mass Murderers should be punished for killing; however, they should not be put to death. Criminologist agree that there is no hard evidence showing that the death penalty is a more effective deterrent than long term imprisonment. From a moral standpoint, a mass murderer killing innocent people is evil, but then why is the public’s response to kill the mass murderer acceptable? If killing is such a bad thing, then why is it being used as a punishment for doing bad things? It is paradoxical. The cost of housing an inmate for life is not a cheap expense; however, a human life is more valuable money. The most effective and moral way of punishing mass murderers is indefinite imprisonment, not a barbaric death penalty. Mass murderers fall under one of two categories: organized and unorganized. There are also

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