Mass Redundancies and Employees

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Mass redundancies Redundancy is the dismissal of an employee or more employees for a period of time or forever. Reasons for this redundancy are when certain roles in a company are no longer required or when the company can’t afford your income due to a financial crisis in the business. The whole world has to do with this problem. It mainly occurs when it isn’t going well with the economy or when there is a financial crisis. There doesn’t have to be an economic disaster for a company to fire loads of employees. If a business hardly makes any profit or they are in debt, they need to sack a lot of their labourers in order to reduce their costs. Employees who are dismissed have 12 months to claim an unfair dismissal. If you want a successful claim for unfair dismissal, an employer must have a valid reason for the dismissal. Job redundancy is one fair reason for dismissal established by law. A fair redundancy procedure involves: • advance warning of the redundancies • a fair selection process (discrimination, putting certain people in favor) • discussion between employer and employee for a alternative job. When making large scale redundancies, an employer has a few obligations to consult with the representatives of the employee. Any employee fired by reason of redundancy, and who has worked for a boss for more than two years has the right to receive redundancy benefit. Unfairly fired employees will receive a compensation of their income. Redundancy occurs when: • a
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