Mass Service Customization Creates Opportunities For Firms Essay

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Mass service customization creates opportunities for firms to provide products and services to serve unique customer needs while maintaining the efficiency of near mass production (Jiao, Ma, & Tseng, 2003). With mass production, economies of scale are generated with the continuous production of similar, standardized products; however, a consequence of mass production is the limitation of customer choice. No longer are customers satisfied with mass production, customers want tailored products individualized to their demands. Mass customization is an opportunity to accentuate the differences or uniqueness of services to appeal to specific customers. Therefore, firms companies that create mass individualized services are more able to give each customer what they want, when they want it. Mass customization of service requires an awareness to meet the unpredictable variation each customer demands. Consequently, critical factors of flexibility, variety, and timeliness are essential with mass service customization (Peters & Saidin, 2000). Firms that offer customized services must also design its products with flexibility in mind. Design flexibility allows for easier variations, modification, or adaptations to the meet the specificity of each customer. With lean manufacturing and smart factories, firms have a greater flexibility to modify, create, and assemble unique services for customers (Daft, 2016). In offering and differentiating customized services, a firm must
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