Mass Society Theory Essay

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History of Mass Society Theory Comprised a vast workforce of people who lived isolated and unfulfilled lives. They were slaves to jobs, bosses and living in crowded urban settings . Their lives were consistent with Marx’s “alienated masses” Scholars blamed the media for the rise of fascism History of Mass Society Theory During the 1920’s, Hearst and Pulitzer changed their ways and became serious about reporting the news The American Society of Newspaper Editors formed and pledged to tell the truth about the news The ethical standards of the industry soared In the 1950’s, the introduction of television brought with it a whole new set of issues Television led to cable television, satellite TV, and TiVo Personal computers…show more content…
(Davis, 1976) Following the Enlightenment, the elites saw themselves responsible for spreading high culture throughout the world Mass media cheapens art, music and literature – Frankfurt School of thought The Great
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