Mass Suicide by Jim Jones' Cult

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Before the events that made him a part of history, he was seen as a man with great charisma and visionary ideas; now he is viewed as a manipulator, abuser, and murderer. This paper will explore the life of Jim Jones and with the use of psychological models, try identifying abnormal behavior patterns. Jones grew up in Indiana with his mother and disabled, alcoholic father in a small shack with no plumbing. His parents held very opposite views of race that would come to influence Jones later in life. His father was said to be associated with the Ku Klux Klan, while his mother was in support forward progress politics; Jones would come to side with the latter. As a child, Jones studied Joseph Stalin, Karl Marx, Mahatma Gandhi, and Adolf Hitler (Reiterman, 1982). He would pick out the strength of each person and this is where he gained his knowledge that led him to be in support of socialism. Jones was obsessed with religion as a child and would often perform funerals for deceased animals; one of these animals came from when he stabbed a cat to death. Jones showed many signs of intelligence; one being when he graduated from high school early with honors (Jones, 2002). Jim Jones saw the application of the religion to spread his ideas; socialistic ideas to be precise. He became a student preacher at a church but soon quit because the leaders of the…
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