Essay on Massachusetts Bay Colony

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The government of the Massachusetts Bay Colony was simultaneously theocratic, democratic, oligarchic, and authoritarian in different ways. The Puritans founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1628 and wanted a well-established government, but they ended up mixing all of these together. This colony was important because it was one of the first provincial and true governments to be introduced into the colonies. It also provided an example to other colonies to base their governments on. The Massachusetts Bay Colony can be said to have been partly theocratic based on a couple of reasons. For example, the Puritans believed that they had a covenant with God to build a society that would be a model for humankind. This shows partly theocracy…show more content…
This control from a small group of people may have been what the people thought was the right thing to do at the time, but it was somewhat why they had come to the "New World" in the first place was to get rid of a single person ruling everyone. Last but not least the government of the Massachusetts Bay Colony was partly authoritarian for many reasons. The colony favored a strict set of rules and taxes and stuck to them. This shows the authoritarian government. The Governor set the taxes and laws based on the will of the church and what was the "right thing to do." They even had strict rules about kissing in public, and various other "inappropriate things" considered to be wrong by the church. Some states were nicknamed after the color of the paper that the laws were printed on. The irony of this is that the people wanted to live an easier life with more freedom from the government and religion, but then proceeded to promote and carry out repressive laws such as kissing in public. As you can see the Massachusetts Bay Colony was very diverse in its form of government and how the colony was run. Some people say it consists of a mix of all of these forms of governments (theocracy, democracy, oligarchy, and authoritarian) when in fact the government was one of a kind and very influential to other colonies. It helped other colonies because it helped them decided to take bits and pieces of
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