Massacre Of The Innocents By Peter Paul

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Massacre of the Innocents, painted by Peter Paul Rubens in 1611-1612 portray a biblical scene from the Gospel of Matthew narrating the massacre ordered by King Herod in the city of Bethlehem . The work visualizes Herod’s army depicted as strong, overly muscular males abusing their power and strength over the voluptuous women and their infants. Heavily muscled men and voluptuous women are one of the main identifying factor of Rubens’s work along with his rich use of colour. The factors that help people identify his work also helps people conceive this painting as a work from the baroque period as his work greatly represents the ideals of baroque art. Peter Paul Rubens, a renowned Flemish painter during the baroque period expresses the ideals of flemish baroque with great force in the painting Massacre of the Innocents. Rubens succeeds in bringing the audience drama through the use of colour and dynamic placement of figures, while capturing the decorative elements of the baroque period Rubens also did what most baroque art focused to do: bringing the people back to the church. Massacre of the Innocents is one of many masterpieces by Sir Peter Paul Rubens during the baroque period. Baroque period in art lasted roughly from 1550’s to 1630, the works during this period had strong characteristics that allowed the period and style to be easily identified. Baroque art is considered to be rich in drama and highly decorative, and bring a feeling of awe to it’s audiences, this is

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