Massacre at Deerfield

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Clash of Cultures: The Deerfield Massacre
Amanda Collier
December 10, 2012
Mark Hoffman

Clash of Cultures: The Deerfield Massacre
It was a cold winter of 1704 and an English settlement that was in the mid Connecticut River valley, became a place for a great intercultural, international conflict. Deerfield was raided by French and Native forces in an ongoing struggle with the English for control of native lands and resources. Native American peoples; French, English, and Africans; soldiers, ministers, farmers and traders; men, women, and children; they were all affected by these conflicts. Deerfield had been prepared for this attack as they had gotten word that it might happen. They had soldiers and a fortress
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The scene is horrible, bodies lay on the ground killed by guns, hatchets, and knives even war clubs all just beyond words. The bodies on the ground are not the only ones they find, in the houses they find much more. Some that hid in the cellars died as they were trapped in the fire. Mothers, fathers and children burned and smothered in what they thought would be safe.
There were ones that were wounded that needed to be looked after as well and these were the lucky ones. There is tales of others like the young couple whose home was so small that the snow covered it and it could not be seen and a woman who hid under an overturned tub. These stories are not bound by evidence but by stories being passed down and is to interesting to overlook when telling the story.
The living, the wounded, and the escaped of Deerfield had to get on with life. Tradition says that there was a mass burial in the town cemetery a sorrowful task for all that survived.
In the weeks and months that passed groups of men began arriving from other towns. All debating whether or not they should go after the captives and retake them. All agreed that if they did this they would surly kill all especially the Reverend and his family.
As this is going on the captives and the captors and trudging through the wilderness on the way to Canada. Suffering is happening will

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