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Guidelines for candidates These take the form of handouts which cover: 1 2 3 4 The investigation as a whole Planning Stage Developing Stage Evaluation Stage Handouts 1 and 2 could be distributed at the start of the investigation while the other two could be given to students once they completed the previous stage of their investigation and are ready to embark on the next part of the process. If desired, all could be handed out at the start of the investigation. Investigation In order to successfully complete the HND in Business with Accounting you must undertake an investigation of a business issue. This is a graded assessment and you will be given a grade for your work. Your grade will be determined by your mark: Grade A — 70% –…show more content…
Overall, this is a crucial stage of your investigation. If you make good decisions at this stage, the rest of your investigation should proceed smoothly. It is well worth spending time and effort to complete this stage properly and to get it right. Scottish Qualifications Authority HN Assessment Exemplar/H0J2 35/AEX001 V Business with Accounting: Graded Unit 2 23 July 2012 Personal skills assessment It is important that you identify your personal skills at the start of the investigation. Your assessment should be realistic and reflective, and is likely to focus not just on your strengths, but also areas in which you could make improvements. You will be asked in the Evaluating stage of the project to make an assessment of the new skills and knowledge gained during the process of the investigation. Your initial assessment will provide a benchmark against which you can realistically judge your progress at the end of the investigation. Picking a topic for your investigation It is up to you to decide on the topic that you will investigate. Before making a final choice, you must discuss it with your project tutor. Your tutor can give you help and advice and may also give you suggestions for possible topics, if you find it difficult to make a choice. You can choose a topic which relates to one organisation or one that can be linked to a number of organisations. However, your topic must meet the following criteria:   It
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