Massage Therapy Essay

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Massage Therapy

An Introduction to Massage Therapy

In the past, massage therapy has carried the description of a luxury or even of a phony form of treatment, if a treatment at all. However, times change. More and more people believe in these types of alternative medicine than ever before. These new types of alternative medicine, including massage therapy, continue to change the medical field more and more. Many sports utilize it, including the Olympics. The general purpose of massage therapy includes the promotion of wellness and a general good, healthy feeling. This purpose is achieved through the many benefits massage therapy can provide on physical, mental and emotional levels.

History of Massage Therapy Around the
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It treats minor medical issues as well. However, a few of the main purposes of massage therapy involve relaxation and less muscle tension. Furthermore, the central idea behind massage therapy involves the desire of wellness and a general good, healthy feeling. The techniques used to achieve these goals can allow the body to heal faster. The massage increases circulation to the injured areas. Massage does possess many benefits, but it still remains an alternative medicine. Most importantly, massage therapy cannot replace medical treatment (,2,6).

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy benefits the body on physical, mental and emotional levels.


First, the physical level of the body benefits from the massage. The nervous system relaxes and stress levels decrease. Muscle spasms and tensions release, deeper breathing occurs, blood pressure reduces, the skin becomes nourished, and levels of lactic acid decrease. The immune system strengthens and diseases are prevented through massage therapy ( Massage Therapy also increases the circulation of blood. If the muscles are too tense, circulation often slows, which decreases the amount of nutrients in the body and slows the excretion of toxins and wastes. This impaired circulation causes illness, a less rapid healing process, and problems involving the structure and function of
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