Massage Therapy Is So Popular Today

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Massage therapy is so popular today. Looking in any yellow pages will give proof that. Evidently, more and more people are training to get into the field. The pay is pretty good, considering that in Tennessee, good massage therapists get anywhere from $50 to $100 and hour for their work. A half-hour will give you around $30-$50. This isn 't bad, but people need to consider what 's involved and the expenses that are inevitably going to be incurred. Massage therapy is really for strong people who have good hands. Because the arms and hands are so intensely used, there will be constant strain on these areas. It 's best to know that any occupation involving repetitive movement stands a high chance of damaging nerves or muscles in the part of the body used the most. Many training schools also teach self-therapy and exercises to minimize that risk. Nobody can predict arthritis, but that may be one side effect of continued flexing of the muscles of the hands. Naturally, its not wise to get into this business if one has any problems with those parts of the body. Cost has to be considered. A good massage school costs money and time. Massage school can take two years to complete, combined with ongoing training necessary for keeping up the certification. Certification alone incurs a yearly fee. People getting into any profession also need to keep careful books so as to balance their profits against expenses. They can deduct the maximum for the oils, equipment, music tapes, books,
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