Massie Rape Case

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Cynthia Garcia Mr. Topolinski / 3rd period 4/19/13 Massie Rape Case On one night in September 1931 Mrs. Thalia Massie the wife of Lt. Thomas H. Massie was found badly beaten and wandering about on Ala Moana Road. At the same time, five local men- two Hawaiians, two Japanese, and a Chinese Hawaiian- also known as the Kalihi Gang, were arrested for assault and battery. Mrs. Massie identified Joseph Kahahawai, Henry Chang, David Takai, Benny Ahakuelo, and Horace Ida as the people who had attacked and raped her. The Kalihi Gang was arrested and put on trial for rape. The police investigation was not done properly. It was shown during the trial that the gang could not have been at the same place where…show more content…
This also caused issues with the local people. The gang in the Massie case, the five Hawaiians, were basically bullied by Mrs. Fortescue into trying to get a confession that they raped her daughter. The reason they let the prosecuted to free was also because they wanted to keep their military pride. And the white Americans succeeded in doing so. The military took up most of the harbor. The islands were seen as the perfect location for a military base as it was quite centralized in the Pacific Ocean, an asset which would certainly give an advantage to the island’s owners because it was an ideal place from which they could launch an imperial power into Asia. The Haoles had most control over the government in Hawai’i which became a negative thing during the Massie case. The prosecuted party contained a white woman and three white men. If the Governor had not basically black mailed the judge to give a lesser sentence or else there would be an end to self-government in Hawai’i, Mrs. Fortescue would have served ten years in jail along with the three men. The white Americans ran everything in Hawai’i. The Congress and President told the Judge what to do and what they were told to do would please the people, and either way the Judge would lose. I believe that the White looked down at the Hawaiians as dirty no good people just because they lived lower than them. The Haoles were like

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