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New Collection Launch | Marketing Plan Prepared BY Said Hassan Amr Sawy Ahmed Samy Presented To Dr. Talaat Asaad Table of content 1. Cover 2. Table of content 3. Company overview 4. Brand explained 5. Key success Factors 6. Industry analysis 7. SWOT analysis 8. Customer analysis 9. Segment analysis 10. Market analysis 11. Marketing and promotion plan 12. Marketing STP 13. Positioning 14. Promotion strategy 15. Advertising strategy 16. Advertising creative 17. Art work inspiration 18. Artwork inspiration 19. Company Overview Massimo Dutti was founded in 1985 and was taken over by Inditex in 1991. Today the company has over…show more content…
* Have a lot of choices: a lot of brands are available which allow the current customers to choose from a lot of alternatives, that makes them very careful of small details and what the brand has to offer. * More savvy and demanding: as they have a lot of choices they turned to become more demanding because if a brand wont obey them another one will, so the customers know that they can get what they demand. Behavior Fashion Customers: * Well educated: they know about the fashion trends and they are looking for the latest trends in the brands they love. * Group buyers: they tend to follow the group, so they buy stuff similar to what their friends are wearing specially if their friends are trendy. * Buying decision are self motives trying to reflect a better self image. 1 out of every 3 women is unhappy by the way their clothes fit them Segment Analysis Plus size “ curvy women “ market share 60% 40% increase by 2014 Only 5% of fashion retail space is dedicated to plus size products Market Analysis Low price High price Low Fashion High Fashion Bershka Pull and

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