Massive Breach At Sony Play Station

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Title: Massive Breach at Sony Play Station
Durga Sravani Nandyala
Northeastern University, College of Professional Studies
Submitted to: Prof. Jason Black

An analysis on the massive data breach on Sony play Station. This document has been presented as an academic exercise. This document would include the causes of the incident, Sony communication to the breach with customers, customer impact on Sony and finally steps taken by Sony in their recovery from the breach. Keywords: Sony Breach, Causes, communication, Customer impact, Steps taken
Massive Breach at Sony Play Station
Sony is a Japanese multinational corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It has diversified businesses which primarily focused on Game Entertainment, Electronic, Gaming Consoles and financial services. Sony is one of the comprehensive entertainment companies in the world. Sony group engaged in business through different operation segments like electronics including video games, network services, and medical business. Such a big organization which has a Hugh market has been met with a massive data breach. Let’s see the causes for data breach at Sony. Sony Play station Network outrage was the result of an External Interruption on play station network of Sony and Qriocity services. Here, approximately 77 million accounts personal details were compromised and restricted users of play station from playing online. This attack has been caused due to malicious software…
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