Massive Online Courses in Education

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For this reason, the evolution of technology has penetrated in education as well, while more and more people use distance education. Open Learning and Online Learning are constantly evolving in the last decades, presenting new opportunities within for-mal and informal education systems. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) have been one of the most innovative movements within this field. Thus, they have created new opportunities for lifelong learning, related to high quality education at no cost (Sonwalkar, 2013), beyond time zones and physical boundaries (de Waard, I., 2011). The adoption of MOOCs in formal education institutions presents major challenges, including co-creation networks within communities and new forms of communication and collaboration for both students and educators (Kop, Fournier, & Mak, 2011).
Although MOOCs have been developed in a short duration (Sonwalkar, 2013a), they are incorporated in higher education with a huge number of students. Coursera, for example, one of the most widely known MOOC platforms, has more than 2.9 million registered users for more than 328 courses available (Nature News, 2013). Thus, criticism has been raised concerning their influence in the higher education. Moreover, recent surveys results show there is a very high dropout rate of attendance by people…

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