Massive Open Online Courses

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The original aim of MOOCs was to open up education and offer free access to University education for as many students as possible. They are generating a considerable attention and high interest from higher education institutions. They are viewed as an extension to current online approaches in terms of access (Hoxby, C 2014). The focus of MOOCs is to provide free, cutting edge education that reduces the cost of University education. Universities are beginning to provide online courses by establishing open learning forums such as edX. New businesses have emerged as a result of this opportunity for example organizations such as Coursera and Udacity have collaborated with elite universities to provide online courses for free or charging a small fee for certification. A new company in UK has been formed to provide free, open online courses from leading Universities in UK for learners around the world( Albert, S & Thomas, C 2000).
In the United States more than one million students in college or high school had taken at least one online course in 2007-2008 but in France the awareness of online teaching starts in college and even so the open and distance learning provided is quite reduced. There are very few open and distance learning in engineering this is because it is very costly to turn real life lab works in to open distance learning (ODL) practices(Hoxby, C 2014).
MOOCs have advantages such as the…
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