Massive Open Online Courses

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MOOC is an acronym for “massive open online course”; these MOOCs have had a far-reaching influence on the way education is perceived today. For the moment, MOOCs are almost always free, as students pay no fees to register or take the course. Enrollment is high, ranging anywhere from thousands to hundreds of thousands. While enrollment, and perceived interests may be high, course completion rates are extremely low; frequently, no more than five or ten percent of students who register go on to finish the course. 1 The mission of MOOCs is to increase access to higher education globally, reduce costs and reinvigorate teaching and learning. 2 MOOCs have spread like a wildfire; the number of students taking at least one online class is now …show more content…
5 The missionaries did not see education as an end, but as an aid to the spreading of the gospel. Every schoolchild was expected to become a convert to Christianity, but many parents were opposed. 5 The missionaries’ prerogative in setting up the Western educational system was purely religious; it will be seen that ulterior motives play a major theme in the education of the child. In the Philippines, as a result of western colonization, indigenous peoples have developed an ideal type of human development in which Western education is core and is identifiable with progress or civilization. 16 They thus perceive indigenous knowledge as obsolete or inferior. Formal education, as promoted by the state, has contributed to the marginalization of indigenous knowledge. 16 Currently in Africa, educational programs typically adopt traditional Western models of education, with an emphasis on math, science, language, and social studies. 11 These programs allocate scarce resources to topics like Greek mythology, prime numbers, or tectonic plate movement—topics that may provide intellectual stimulation, but have little relevance in the lives of impoverished children. 11 While many scholars hold that indigenous education and knowledge has a transformative power that can be used to foster empowerment and justice7, westerners assume that their type of system is best, in every corner of the world.
Online higher education is a western education without
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