Mastectomy Essay

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9. Describe the overall results of the study:
The study concluded that there was no significant difference between a modified radical mastectomy or a radical mastectomy and the recurrence of cancer. Both mastectomies decreased the risk of recurrence, but neither mastectomy proved to be more effective as a preventative measure than the other; both mastectomies achieved similar outcomes, with no significant statistical difference. This is supported by the number needed to treat, which was 0, indicating that no additional patients were required to see a significances in outcome between the two treatments. While there are slight statistical differences in the outcomes of recurrence, the study determines the difference isn’t considered viable. There was also no difference in disease-free survival and overall survival as an outcome of the trial. Further research is required to determine the long-term results and effectiveness of mastectomy as prevention for
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However, the study also focused on participants who currently had operable breast cancer and used a mastectomy to remove the cancer to prevent further occurrence, while the clinical scenario patient was a breast cancer survivor, who was considering having a mastectomy to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence. The median age of participants was 54, which varied slightly to the age of the clinical scenario patient, who is 47, but remains a similar factor, as both the participants and the patient were adults. Both the study participants and the patient in the clinical scenario had a family history of breast cancer; however not all of the participants had a family history of cancer, 18% of the participants were identified with a family history of breast cancer. Most factors indicate that there is a high similarity between the patient and the study
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