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When I finish my associates in Arts at Greenville Technical College, I plan to transfer to get my Bachelors (B.A.) in Early Childhood Education from University of South Carolina- Columbia. I chose this career because I love children with a passion and every job I’ve had has been with children involved. Being in the presence of children makes me happy. I also chose this career because I know that when I wake up in the morning I will not dread going to work every day, I will gladly get up an strive to make a difference in their lives. I want to be an impact on as many of their lives as I can by being a part of their life and teaching them. I want to be someone they look up to, someone “who inspires and encourages us [them] to strive for greatness, live to our [their] full potential and see the best in [them]” (Teach). To become a teacher takes a lot of hard work and motivation.
Education itself has come a long way. In the earlier times, certain races and genders were not able to learn, blacks and whites were not able to sit in the same classrooms, or use the same things, and many people just couldn’t get along. Today, every gender and race is entitled to make something of themselves and get an education, we all have the right to learn. We are able to get along with one another, use the same things and be in the same classrooms as the other. Today, we are able to help one another and encourage each other to do great things. Education has come a long way from what it

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