Master Harold and the Boys Essay

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“Master Harold and the boys” - Athol Fugard Mid 1950's in South Africa, a country in continuous turmoil by racism and segregation. Athol Fugard brings his play to life, by using symbolic metaphor techniques with a driving story of a young teen (Harold Hally) going through personal and family difficulty with his two colored servants (Sam Semala) and (Willie Malopo), this piece emphasizes more than the general issue of racism, it describes how sparks of hope can influence an individuals perception, altering beyond the limit of color, it emphasizes the value of family and friendship, with its fair share of struggle. Harold Hally, the main protagonist and the youngest of the three. Hally is a young naive white teen that doesn't…show more content…
Willie shows a nervous, non-relaxed and stiff way of how he dances and constantly blaims his partner/ wife Hilda. This drives him to physically beat her to the point of where she is too frightened to practice with him. Even with much turmoil between the characters personal life, the center focus throughout the play is trying to give Hally a change of heart, because he has the opportunities of success granted, due to his white origin. Sam and Willie truly want Hally to have guidance, experience, maturity and most of all confidence. Throughout this play Sam tries different techniques in order to alter Hallys' perception on himself, society, family and life. First off, Sam already connects with Hally on an emotional level. Not like a servant towards a “master”. This brings the irony of the title out, also ironically even with Hally receiving a proper well-funded education, Hally finds himself more enticed debating and learning from Sam. With their witty converstaions on history's “Men of Magnitude”, Sam finds himself learning from Hally about famous history leaders and philosophers. This creates a dynamic equilibrium between the two. Sam Semala, proves to be the leader or father-like figure of the two, Willie and Hally. Willie has learned all his dancing moves from Sam. With this happening among the three, there proves to be a special bond, much like a functional family. So Sam takes it upon himself to get Hally to believe, in something, in anything. Out of
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